What is Tosca?

What is Tosca?

  • Tosca is a scriptless, AI Based, No Code Automation tool for end-to-end test automation
  • Tosca is a continuous testing platform that delivers fast feedback for Agile and DevOps
  • It allows us to design functional, automated, end-to-end software tests across all layers of enterprise architecture
  • It provides real-time risk assessment with business focused, actionable results
  • It ensures availability of appropriate test data at any time
  • It can simulate the behavior of dependent systems if they are unavailable during test execution

Features of Tosca:

Risk Based Testing                                  Load Testing

Test Management                                   Test Data Management

Manual Testing                                        API Testing

Analytics                                                   BI & Big Data

Exploratory Testing                                 Continuous Integration

Service Virtualization                              Impact Analysis

Tosca Components:

  • Tosca Commander – It enables easy creation, management, execution and analysis of Test Cases
  • Tosca Executor – It executes the test cases on the test object
  • Tosca Xscan – It scans the application and saves the technical information of all the elements in modules which is used to identify and steer the screen items
  • Test Repository – It is used to manage the test data needed for test execution

Tosca vs. Selenium


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