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1. How can you scroll the page down in Selenium?
2. How can you perform right click operation in Selenium?
3. Which select method is used to select an option by value
4. How can you switch to a new window in Selenium?
5. Which of these is not a valid Selenium locator?
6. What are different types of Selenium Waits?
7. What is the latest stable version of Selenium?
8. What is the command to close all browsers in Selenium?
9. How to click on a link by its text in Selenium?
10. What are valid Selenium WebDriver Exceptions?. Select all that apply.
11. What type of applications are supported by Selenium?
12. Which Selenium command can be used to retrieve text from an element?
13. Which programming languages are supported by Selenium?
14. Which Selenium command can be used to delete all cookies?
15. Which of the following represents a relative xpath in Selenium?
16. Which wait command in Selenium waits for the specific element on the page?
17. How can you get all links in the page with Selenium?
18. What is the default wait time in Selenium?
19. What is the return type of the driver.get() method in Selenium?
20. Is Selenium WebDriver an interface?

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