Maven Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn all basic concepts related to Maven and also become an expert on Maven setup, build lifecycle, phases, goals, plugins and many more.

Below are all the different tutorials related to Maven:

PART-1: What is Maven?

PART-2: Install Maven on Windows

PART-3: Install Maven on Mac OS

PART-4: Build a simple Maven Project

PART-5: Maven POM

PART-6: What is a Maven Dependency

PART-7: Maven Dependency Scopes

PART-8: Maven Goals

PART-9: Maven Repository Manager

PART-10: Maven Clean Plugin

PART-11: Maven Compiler Plugin

PART-12: Maven Surefire Plugin

PART-13: Maven Failsafe Plugin

PART-14: Maven Jar Plugin

PART-15: Maven Source Plugin

PART-16: Maven Site Plugin

PART-17: Maven JavaDoc Plugin

PART-18: Maven Deploy Plugin

PART-19: Run Maven Surefire Tests from Docker Container


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