Jenkins Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn all basic concepts related to Jenkins and also become an expert on Jenkins setup, configuration , plugins, build pipelines, etc…

Below are all the different tutorials related to Jenkins:

PART-1: What is Jenkins?

PART-2: Install Jenkins on Windows

PART-3: Install Jenkins on Docker

PART-4: Configure Tools in Jenkins

PART-5: Create your first jobs in Jenkins

PART-6: Create CI Pipeline Job in Jenkins

PART-7: Trigger build with Webhooks in Jenkins

PART-8: Trigger build periodically in Jenkins

PART-9: Trigger build with Poll SCM in Jenkins

PART-10: Create a Jenkins CD Pipeline to build node.js and react application using npm

PART-11: Setup a Jenkins Build Server on AWS EC2

PART-12: Setup & Run Jenkins Job with Selenium Project on AWS EC2 Linux Server

PART-13: Setup Jenkins Master Slave Configuration on AWS


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