Install Jenkins on Windows

Installation Steps:

1. Go to Jenkins website and click on Windows to download the installer.








2. Unzip the downloaded jenkins archive file in some folder.

3. Launch the windows installer package for Jenkins.

4. Click on Next and follow the instructions mentioned in the installer.

Post Installation Steps:

1. After installation is completed, Unlock Jenkins page will appear which requires an administrator password.


2. Open file C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\secrets\initialAdminPassword and copy the password from the file

3. Paste the password in the unlock jenkins page and click on Continue.

4. After unlocking Jenkins, the Customize Jenkins page appears. Select Install suggested plugins

5. After plugins are install Create First Admin User page appears. Enter details and click on Save button.


6. Instance Configuration page appears. If you dont want to change Jenkins URL then click on Save and Finish button.

7. Jenkins is ready page appears. Click on Start using Jenkins button.

8. Finally, Jenkins Dashboard page is displayed.



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