Cucumber Latest Feature – Publish and Share HTML Reports

In this post, we are going to look at the latest feature available in cucumber which allows us to publish our Cucumber HTML reports in cloud. We can easily share these reports with our teams who will be able to access these reports from anywhere by the help of a unique URL.


1. Create any Java Maven project with Selenium & Cucumber setup.

2. Make sure you have added the latest version of the Maven dependencies for cucumber-java (Ex – 6.8.0).

3. Run Cucumber Test Runner file.

4. A notification screen appears on the console providing information on how to publish reports as shown below:

5. Add a new file “”¬† under src/test/resources with the following line:


6. Run Cucumber Test Runner file again.

7. A notification screen appears on the console with the cloud URL where Cucumber Reports are published and can be viewed as shown below:

8. Open the URL in any browser and it will display the Cucumber Report for the project as shown below:

9. We can easily share this report url with anyone within our organization/teams and they can be easily accessed from anywhere.


  • This report is only available for a day after which it is self destructed.
  • This Reporting Service is only available in Cucumber-JVM, Cucumber-JS and Cucumber-Ruby.
  • This feature is still in Beta version and many other features will be added soon.
  • Soon we will be able to claim a report and make it private by linking it to one of our GitHub repositories.

Watch this video for detailed steps:


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