About Me

I am Bijan Patel – Founder & Creator of QAScript.

I have over 12 years of experience in IT industry. If you want to know more about my professional experience, then visit my LinkedIn profile.

I have always been passionate about Automation. I am always looking out for opportunities to learn new tools and technologies.

I started this site – QAScript.com so that I can share my experience and knowledge with the larger community by publishing automation articles, videos and trainings on diverse topics.

Apart from sharing content via my website on a regular basis, I can also help anyone with the following requests. 

– Any specific training required on any of the topics related to Automation Testing/Tools/Framework/Devops. Look here for Live Training sessions

– Any help in building an Automation Framework right from scratch.

– Want to build a WordPress site. 

– Host your WordPress site on AWS.

Just drop an email to me at bijan@qascript.com or use any of the below channels to contact me.

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If you are passionate about writing blogs/articles on any topic, then contact me and I will help you create your own posts on QAScript.

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